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Some of Our Family Law Services

Divorce Lawyers in Dubai

A research by Tufts showed that poorly handled divorce cases have a scarring impact on children. Our team has in-depth knowledge of divorce laws in UAE & unparalleled experience. This ensures smooth & professional handling of your divorce case.

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Immigration Law Lawyers in Dubai

Our lawyers offer immigration services for UAE, US, UK, Canada, Australia, European Union, & can tailor services to other destinations. AAB has in-depth experience with immigration laws ensuring professional handling of your immigration case.

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Alimony Lawyers & Child Support Lawyers

Alimony & Child Support are extremely sensitive matters. Our lawyers possess the degree of emotional intelligence  & experience necessary for such cases. AAB has enough experience to ensure that these sensitive cases are carried out smoothly.

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Some of our Legal Services for SMEs

Employment Law Lawyers in Dubai

As a Dubai law firm dedicated to uplifting the continued success of individuals, families, and SMEs, AAB law firm excels at all services relevant to employment law. We offer advisory, defense, & prosecution. 

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Financial Crime Lawyers in Dubai

AAB's lawyers, legal consultants, & advocates are ever-ready to assist individuals, families, & SMEs with financial crime legal services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, RAK, & UAQ.

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Intellectual Property Law Lawyers in Dubai

Our lawyers help individuals & SMEs in Dubai register trademarks, copyrights, and patents, and press the enforcement. We are committed to providing the most cost-effective results in UAE. 

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