5 Things to Keep in Mind When Picking A Divorce Lawyer in Dubai

Looking for a Divorce Lawyer in Dubai?

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We understand that picking a divorce lawyer is a serious decision for you. In line with our goal to uplift your success, we've detailed the most important points to consider when choosing a divorce lawyer in Dubai. 

1. Poorly Handled Cases Leave a Life-Scarring Impact on You & Your Children

It's not news that divorce is a tough time for couples and children alike. However, there is substantial proof by Tufts that shows poorly handled divorce cases worsen the impact on children and can have life-long consequences for their psychological health. Additionally, an extension of their research is showing that the splitting couple's both physical & psychological health and social & work life takes a toll if a divorce case is poorly handled. 

That is why it's crucial that you utilize a free consultation when picking a divorce lawyer in Dubai; get to know the individual or firm, and that leads to point 2.

2. Aim for Law Firms That Provide a Free Consultation 

A free legal consultation ensures that you know who you're getting involved with and you shouldn't need to pay upfront to get to know who your lawyer will be. 

AAB provides free legal consultations around the clock; get your free consultation with a divorce lawyer: 24/7 Service Call (054) 32-73073

3. Avoid Lawyers/Firms in Dubai That Only Work With High-Value Divorce Cases

Many lawyers and law firms like to boast that they only work with high-value divorce cases. This statement is arrogant & in reality, shows a weakness about their capability. By being selective, such legal professionals & entities limit their experience with divorce laws and cases in Dubai. A divorce lawyer is more capable if he/she has more experience. Additionally, only working with high-value divorce cases in Dubai outlines their greed. Divorce in not just Dubai, but the whole world, is a very sensitive issue and it needs legal assistance that isn't greedy and instead is understanding and experienced. 

4. Aim for a Law Firm Rather Than an Individual Divorce Lawyer in Dubai

Legal cases take a lot of work and if a single individual is to work on a case, he/she will pass on a lot of work to assistants. Assistants do not have the legal exposure and experience to provide a high caliber of service; they are in a learning stage. By working with individual lawyers, your case has a high chance of heavy involvement from students of law. If you work a law firm, the team assists each other and experienced divorce lawyers in Dubai will handle your case. 

It is true that sometimes law firms will pass work to assistants to save money, but AAB only hires lawyers & legal consultants. This means your divorce case will be handled exclusively by professional lawyers with in-depth of experience of divorce laws in Dubai & Other Emirates. 

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5. Verify the Authenticity of the Site; Make Sure it is "Secure" 

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If you are using Google Chrome, you can see that a genuine website has a green lock followed by a green "Secure" grade. You should limit yourself to using only these websites as Chrome registers such sites as free of fraud and recognizes their security features. Dubai has many sites that are insecure and are used for fraud, secure yourself by searching for divorce lawyers in Dubai from secure law firms.  

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