Bob's Repair Value Analysis

This is a guest post by "Hatu"


Dubai is becoming a fertile ground for investment in crypto markets and many residents have growing interests in this new investment outlet. We are now offering consultation to individuals and firms interested in investing in upcoming ICOs or established crypto projects.

Our team has recently looked into the details of a new crypto launch: Bob's Repair.

Any Dubai & other Emirates’ (UAE) residents who seek to invest in Bob's Repair must bear in mind that they must abide by the legal procedures mandated for investment in Bob's Repair as per UAE legal requirements; the requirements for investing in an ICO vary depending on firm’s headquarter.




Bob’s Repair is a blockchain-powered solution for the skill trade industry. It bridges the market inefficiency in the industry by removing the middleman; the large companies in the skill trade market are entirely dependent on their labor force. The average mechanic, carpenter, plumber, and any other skill trader can function without the corporation.


But the big guys dominate the marketing by spamming their brand on the digital platforms where people search for skill contractors. Bob’s Repair evens the ground by ensuring reviews are genuine, marketing costs are minimal, and the contracts are transparent.


Here’s a look at the value addition and team of Bob’s Repair.


 **Part 1: VRIO Analysis**

VRIO analysis gives a crisp and tight snapshot of the odds of success of a project.

I’ll be analyzing whether Bob’s Repair genuinely adds value to the overall state of cryptos and whether its value-addition is sustainable and maintainable.


**A. Value**

A project is valuable if it allows a better means of exploiting resources.


Bob’s Repair is putting the blockchain to an optimal usage by bringing its benefits to a market where knowledge efficiency is low. Lack of fair knowledge on the supply and demand side is a major flaw that serves as an obstacle for market equilibrium.


By exploiting the blockchain, Bob’s Repair makes it easy for consumers to know what a service is worth, no matter how customized it may be. And it allows skill traders to work without the limitations of having to work for a large company.


So, Bob’s Repair offers **the ultimate and most desirable value addition for society: savings.**


Bob’s Repair will be a much-welcomed platform as it brings savings to consumers and better earnings for skill traders by removing the large skill contracting companies that simply serve as middlemen.



**B. Rarity**

 If a project offers something that can be attained without the blockchain, then generating market adoption will be very challenging. The offering needs to be tough to get without the aid of the blockchain.

There are existing platforms where skill traders can place their service offering, but there is not credibility on the listing. Large companies can pay money to have the placements favor them and they can utilize third-party services to spam the platforms with their offering.


Most listings are merely serving as websites for information and they have fallen behind in the world of technology. Merely being a website is an outdated technological offering.


Bob’s Repair is the first platform that will ensure that the pricings for contracts are accurate because the blockchain offers the transparency necessary for consumers to know what a service should cost. And it allows skill traders to benefit from legitimate reviews.


The existing platforms have benefitted from merely being the first movers. Bob’s Repair is the first mover from the blockchain sphere and is going to have a genuine technological competitive advantage.


**C. Imitation**

Imitation is a major threat to any new project and it’s important to analyze whether a project’s key aspects can easily be reproduced by copy-cats.

Imitation is commonplace in the blockchain environment. But Bob’s Repair has come into a sector of the blockchain industry that has been straight-up ignored.


Bob’s Repair is offering an application on the Steem blockchain. The company’s founders are aiming to leverage their experience with linking consumers and skill traders in the past. Yes, the company’s founders have stepped in this arena before and were quite successful. Now, they aim for a much larger stake of the pie and they are utilizing an existing, successful blockchain to ease their path.


Any imitator would be at a staunch disadvantage as they won’t have the experience Bob’s Repair’s founders have. Moreover, Steem won’t allow an imitation to pop up on its blockchain and Steem’s blockchain allows transactions with cost. So, an imitator must either take on the challenge of making another effective blockchain or adopting a different, existing blockchain which may not efficiently serve the benefits of a project such as this.


So, to imitate this, the second entrant must not only have the operational grasp but also the technological grasp. There are teams in the blockchain sphere that are competent in both operational handling of a business and effectively building technological systems. But these teams are already dedicated to their own projects.


**Bob’s Repair is safe from imitations.**


**D. Organization**

Any company is essentially a successful effort of a group of individuals. Any crypto project’s success heavily rests on the capability of its team to properly manage and organize all efforts and funds.

Bob’s Repair’ team has considerable experience in the target industry and have already offered an innovative solution to the industry. Tts members are qualified to build the platform necessary to carry out this project.


**Part 2: Essential Information**



ANN Thread:


Blockchain: STEEM

Ticker: BOB

Accepts: ETH; BTC

1 ETH = 6,000 BOB

From: USA


**Watch Out**

If you intend to invest in the project’s ICO, be sure to utilize the official project website. As disappointing as it may be, scammers are rampant in the crypto market and many try to scam investors through deceptive measures by identity theft of project leaders and phishing measures.


You should only contact official company social media profiles for your informational needs and queries, and you should invest in the ICO directly through the company website.


Legal Disclaimer

We are not providing any advice on the purchase of any security, whether it be in traditional or crypto assets, but we welcome all interested in ether asset to seek our advice on the legal implications and procedures as per Dubai and other Emirates’ (UAE) laws.

This article serves only an informational purpose and it simply points out that a new crypto project has been launched and provides a summarized idea of what Bob's Repair hopes to achieve, and that we are now offering legal consultation on how residents of UAE can invest in this project.


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