Employee Lawyers in Dubai

Employee Lawyers in Dubai; Employee Lawyers in Abu Dhabi; Employee Lawyers in UAE

Lawyers for Employee Rights in Dubai 

NOTE: This page elaborates the legal services we provide to employees who face a conflict with their employer; if you are a business and are looking for our legal services for employment law, please click here.

A lawyer is needed in many situations where an employee has a serious problem with his employer and needs to take legal action in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE).

Most employees in UAE are intimidated by the idea of pursuing legal action against their employers, even when serious injustice and damage has been inflicted. But it’s important that you understand that Dubai & other Emirates have enforced rights for employees and our team of “employee lawyers” in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE) is ready to bring you justice.

AAB has a dedicated team that we have termed as employee lawyers as they specialize in protecting the rights of employees.

If you’re unsure of whether you are ready to take legal action against your employer, you should utilize our free legal consultation with our employee lawyers in Dubai & other Emirates; we offer 24/7 service—just call (05) 432-73073 

Legal Options for Employees Facing Conflict(s) with Employers

  1. Arbitration

Most employees & employers are able to settle their disputes out of the court via arbitration. This ensures that the employer avoids negative press, and the employee can receive justice swiftly.

Our team of employee lawyers in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE) has the experience & knowledge necessary to successfully represent you in an arbitration process; we will pull the conclusion in your benefit.

  1. Litigation

If you feel the conflict is severe and you seek not just arbitration, but a strong legal action, our team of litigation lawyers will work with our employee lawyers in Dubai & other Emirates (UAE) to ensure you face ease in this otherwise difficult process.

Things to Know About Employee Lawyers

Our team of employee lawyers represents and stands up for employees because they understand that non-unionized employees are relatively powerless against employers. This noble stance is in line with AAB’s mission to empower families & SMEs.

Most employers in UAE handle many employment disputes every single day. They have hired lawyers to evaluate and handle claims. An employee who has not consulted a lawyer can be at a real disadvantage.

Succeeding in an employment lawsuit without a lawyer is virtually impossible. A lawyer will know what information is needed to win, how to get it, how to present witnesses and documents to the court and jury, and how to prevent a company and its lawyers from using unfair tactics to win the case.

If you are facing a conflict with an employer, do not delay contacting a lawyer. Delaying contact will prevent you from knowing what you can do to prevent the situation from worsening.

Additionally, you may not properly document key events as they occur. Because it is the burden of an employee to prove an illegal motive, such as discrimination or retaliation, he/she must document the evidence that supports the claims.

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