HERO: VRIO Analysis

This is a guest post by "Hatu."

Dubai is becoming a fertile ground for investment in crypto markets and many residents have growing interests in this new investment outlet. We are now offering consultation to individuals and firms interested in investing in upcoming ICOs or established crypto projects.

Our team has recently looked into the details of a new crypto launch: HERO.

Any Dubai & other Emirates’ (UAE) residents who seek to invest in HERO must bear in mind that they must abide by the legal procedures mandated for investment in HERO as per UAE legal requirements; the requirements for investing in an ICO vary depending on firm’s headquarter.


HERO is a blockchain-solution for providing a decentralized platform for loans by vetting individuals through internal algorithms. The company’s team are veterans in the tech sphere, particularly in Southeast Asia (HERO’s target market), as the company has already had a successful startup there with backing from Alibaba and Softbank.


**Part 1: VRIO Analysis**

VRIO analysis gives a crisp and tight snapshot of the odds of success of a project.


**Value:** A project is valuable if it allows a better means of exploiting resources.

And HERO is definitely making way for better exploiting one of the greatest technological resources: the blockchain.


HERO is utilizing the decentralized nature of the blockchain to make the most impactful change to financial markets: banking the unbanked.

The value this creates is difficult to measure due to the sheer of the volume wave it can create.


An entire new population of the world is about to have access to capital to pursue their innovation goals, business expansions, and even deal with emergency needs. The result could be a growth in global economic activity, increased availability of products and solution, and an improved scale of globalization.

Moreover, as per the basic benefits of the blockchain. HERO will offer a high-transparency means of transacting and issuing the loans.


Given that this platform is based off the blockchain, its success could ensue expansion into greater territories without much difficulty.


**Rarity:** If a project offers something that can be attained without the blockchain, then generating market adoption will be very challenging. The offering needs to be tough to get without the aid of the blockchain.

There are existing financial institutions and there are also existing finance-focused blockchain projects. What HERO is offering is an upgrade to the current situation of the finance world and is developing a key new solution format for it.


HERO is going to utilize its own algorithms to issue credit ratings and is going to connect individual’s presence on the web to their loan profile. This allows a better way to vet individuals for a loan and thereby reduces risk and increases confidence in utilizing the system as a lender.


While many finance blockchain projects merely rely on the blockchain’s ability to offer maximum transparency, HERO combines several technologies to offer the optimal solution. 


**Imitation:** Imitation is a major threat to any new project and it’s important to analyze whether a project’s key aspects can easily be reproduced by copy-cats.

HERO faces little threat of imitation from deep-pocketed financial institutions.


First and foremost, they haven’t made the efforts to pursue the market HERO is aiming to bank. HERO intends to not provide capital to large corporations, but to the everyday folks of Southeast Asia.

Additionally, if HERO establishes great success, financial institutions are not going to imitate this as technology is not their competitive edge. They might establish partnerships would HERO and thereby allow the platform to grow at an even stronger pace.


**Organization:** Any company is essentially a successful effort of a group of individuals. Any crypto project’s success heavily rests on the capability of its team to properly manage and organize all efforts and funds.

HERO’s team has considerable experience in the target industry and its members are qualified to build the tech necessary to carry out this project.

They have already proven that they can build a startup and scale it to a successful level.

The challenge will be how well the team remains organized as adoption kicks in for this platform as its potential and goals are groundbreaking and the impact it makes could be greater than expected.


**Part 2: Essential Information**

Website: https://herotoken.io/

Whitepaper: https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/herotoken/Hero+Whitepaper_082917.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2088817

Telegram: https://t.me/herotokensale

Token Sale: FEB. 1

Token Type: ERC20

Ticker: HERO



1 HERO = 0.005 ETH = $4.78

Can’t Participate: USA

Team From: Philippines



As is the case with investments in any security or asset, you should invest in ICOs and tokens only an amount you are willing to lose. Investments in the crypto market are high-risk, high-reward moves and investor due diligence is imperative.


**Watch Out**

If you intend to invest in the project’s ICO, be sure to utilize the official project website. As disappointing as it may be, scammers are rampant in the crypto market and many try to scam investors through deceptive measures by identity theft of project leaders and phishing measures.


You should only contact official company social media profiles for your informational needs and queries, and you should invest in the ICO directly through the company website.




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HERO Website: https://herotoken.io/






Legal Disclaimer

We are not providing any advice on the purchase of any security, whether it be in traditional or crypto assets, but we welcome all interested in ether asset to seek our advice on the legal implications and procedures as per Dubai and other Emirates’ (UAE) laws.

This article serves only an informational purpose and it simply points out that a new crypto project has been launched and provides a summarized idea of what HERO hopes to achieve, and that we are now offering legal consultation on how residents of UAE can invest in this project.