ICOs: Restart Energy Democracy

Dubai is becoming a fertile ground for investment in crypto markets and many of our clients have growing interests in this new investment outlet. We are now offering consultation to individuals and firms interested in investing in upcoming ICOs or established crypto projects.

Our team has recently looked into the details of a new crypto launch: Restart Energy Democracy.

Any Dubai & other Emirates’ (UAE) residents who seek to invest in Restart Energy Democracy must bear in mind that they must abide by the legal procedures mandated for investment in Restart Energy Democracy as per UAE legal requirements; the requirements vary depending on any firm’s headquarter.


What is Restart Energy Democracy?

Restart Energy Democracy is pushing the boundaries of blockchain utilization and bridging the gap between suppliers and consumers.

The company is launching a project that hopes to connect consumers and energy suppliers. It allows any user to join the platform and produce energy which can be seamlessly sold to any other user in the platform via the MWAT token.

You can reach out to company heads through telegram: https://t.me/RestartEnergy


You Must Understand That:

We are not providing any advice on the purchase of any security, whether it be in traditional or crypto assets, but we welcome all interested in these to seek our advice on the legal implications and procedures as per Dubai and other Emirates’ laws.

This is not an ad for Restart Energy Democracy; this article simply points out that a new crypto project has been launched and provides a summarized idea of what Restart Energy Democracy hopes to achieve, and that we are now offering legal consultation on how residents of UAE can invest in this project.

Dubai and other Emirates’ laws variate from global legal requirements when making investments in crypto markets. Before any UAE residents invest their capital, it’s advisable that they seek professional legal advice on the legal implications of their investment.


Important Restart Energy Democracy ICO Information

Ticker: MWAT
Token type: ERC20
Know Your Customer (KYC): YES


A Law Firm for All

We understand that Dubai & other Emirates (UAE) are home to individuals from across the globe and it is for that reason that we have established such a multinational team of lawyers.

If you intend to invest in Restart Energy Democracy and your financials are linked in your home country, we will still be able to assist your legal needs. Our team of lawyers includes an array of nationalities and they know just how to deal with crypto investments, from a legal perspective, for individuals from any country.


Legal Disclaimer

If you intend to invest in Restart Energy Democracy’s ICO, you should utilize the official project website and conduct your own due diligence through the project whitepaper: https://restartenergy.io/Restart_Energy_Whitepaper.pdf


We are neither a part of Restart Energy Democracy nor a subsidiary or contractor of Restart Energy Democracy.

Any individual who partakes in any investment, including the ICO of Restart Energy Democracy, does so at his or her own risk. Investments in volatile markets, like cryptocurrencies are high-risk, high-reward investments and place your capital at risk.

The only service we offer in relation to Restart Energy Democracy is legal consultation of the legal implications or you must abide by to invest in this project; we do not sell any token, service, or any other physical or abstract financial instrument or product on behalf of Restart Energy Democracy.


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