Introducing Mobilink: Revolutionary ICO!

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Mobilink offers a powerful platform that allows users to pay for their data, call, and text services by going through ads, similar to how social media apps remain free due to ad revenue.


This essentially makes mobile services free as users simply have to adopt the ads they already see on Facebook, games, and other apps.

Read on how Mobilink is going to change the telecom industry.




Part 1: Introducing ICO: What is Mobilink

People can now communicate for free on social media channels in various formats. Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, and many other apps provide free text, voice calls, and video calls. Actually, they provide connectivity in many more ways, but I don't want to drift away from the main point of this article.

Telecom companies, in return, used the established networks they had to provide data service. Given that all the connectivity provided by apps requires data (or WIFI), telecom giants began to provide the fuel those apps run on. However, it was only a matter of time till a new innovation disrupted telecom giants' revenue stream. And this time, they aren't going to have a way around it.

Mobilink is here to provide you free calls and text!

Oh wait, social media apps already do that. Ok, no problem:

Mobilink is here to provide you with free data that runs those apps!

Yes, the newest innovation in technology is here and it is going to make the world more connected than ever before because it is going to be free to connect in any format. Calls and texts will be free without need for apps (in case you are social media averse) and data will be free to unlock the powers of the internet.

Mobilink is able to do so by utilizing a business model that could not be more evident. And it's an extremely lucrative business model.

Messenger and other social media apps removed the need for costly texts and calls, but they weren't doing this as some form of charity. These companies utilized advertisements to drive profits and massive growth. Ironically, the ad-run companies are now bigger than the telecom giants. But the telecom giants have remained stagnant with their traditional subscription based business model.

This industry has been catching dust for far too long. Mobilink is finally taking the proper course of action to provide the superior ad-based business model to data and mobile services. Users are already extremely adjusted to seeing ads all over their smartphone so Mobilink does not need to fight its way towards making users adopt this business model; they are engulfed by it.

Mobilink users will utilize the Mobilink sim card and connect to the Mobilink ecosystem. They will be able to watch apps to earn Mobilink Coins which can be redeemed for data, text, and call. The Mobilink platform is internally sufficient as users can earn and redeem within it.


The platform dually acts as an income stream for users willing to earn more Coins than they intend to use. If the amounts of ads they see results in a surplus in comparison to the amounts of services they utilized, they can sell the excess Mobilink Coins.

Mobilink is a revolutionary telecom product and its token sale is live; be a part of this innovative development in the global telecom markets.

Part 2: Essential Information

💡 Whitepaper:
👨 ANN Thread:
💻 Telegram:
⌚️ Token Sale: LIVE NOW
📃 Ticker: MOBI
👂🏻 Token Type: ERC20
💰 Accepts: ETH; BTC; LTC; XMR; USD
👔 County: Canada


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