Merculet SWOT Analysis (new ICO)

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Merculet is a new blockchain project that aims to change the purpose of the internet. Its team perceives that the internet presently is information-cored; they propose that the internet should instead be value-cored.

To achieve this, Merculet will attach a value to every individual’s attention, thereby commoditizing attention. This will allow individuals to sell their attention, and will allow companies and entrepreneurs to promote their services or product to an individual by buying their attention—all this will happen on a platform we are all already well-adjusted to: the internet.

Read on to learn about this project’s strengths.

Merculet SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis sheds light on the potential of a project.



A strength analysis should focus on the competitive edge of a product.


Merculet has a number of competitive edges from various perspectives. From an operations point of view, Merculet is building a platform. Once the platform is complete, the users upon this platform will themselves create a cycle of positive feedback: the incentivization from monetized attention will draw consumers to the platform, and consequently, companies hoping to reach out to these consumers will follow. As more companies will be on the platform, more money will be up for grabs and so more users will adopt the platform—thus the cycle shall feed itself.

From a development perspective, Merculet’s team asserts that this product can be developed in two years; at least to some degree of successful functionality. A vast portion of blockchain products need many years to reach functionality and this allows Merculet to easily stand out.

As per an investment point of view, this project has received funding from major institutional blockchain projects. This tags along a degree of credibility that allows Merculet to stand out among the current hurricane of ICOs. At present, some of Merculet’s institutional investors are Fenbushi Capital, Walsh Private Investment Fund, and Consensus Capital.

Given that the project has done extremely well in its private sale, it’s obvious that the market has deemed these strengths to be valuable competitive edges.



Merculet is offering the monetization of attention through tokens. There are many benefits to tokenizing internal transactional flow, especially if such a large number of payments need to be made; global transactions become cheaper as there’s no currency risk, cost per transaction reduces, and internal financial frictions are annulled.


While utilizing tokens makes sense from an operational perspective and can actually benefit the platform’s users, most people have not yet adopted cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it’s imperative that Merculet makes conversion of these tokens to fiat as easy as possible. The best approach would be to provide an internalized facility that clearly directs means for conversion to fiat; this way the mass market will be able to understand tokens as an immediate cash equivalent.

Merculet’s platform is virtually providing many individuals something that’d be perceived as free income. So, it’s quite likely that many people will be willing to try acceptance of tokens as a payment. Therefore, MVP tokens could very well be the first crypto owned by many people.



The internet is perhaps the most valuable economic resource today, and blockchain technology is quickly surfacing as one of the most important technological frontiers ever. Merculet is combining these two and the potential here could be massive.


Merculet is delivering a product that enhances and existing, mass adopted technology (the internet) at a time when blockchain technology is making waves in mass media. Merculet is launching its product when it holds the most powerful kairotic value.

As Merculet’s potential maximum target market is everyone using the internet, the long-term potential and reach of this project is absolutely massive.



Merculet is entering a market dominated by some of the largest technology companies in the world; Merculet is targeting the internet. This product is entering the territory of companies like Google and Baidu.


Companies in this domain have a deep record of acquiring upcoming products to serve an innovative solution. Here’s a list of the companies acquired by Alphabet, which is Google’s parent company.

While an acquisition attempt by a major tech firm will be seen as a win for investors, blockchain enthusiast and the decentralization community sees it as a threat.

So, this threat is majorly a matter of perspective. From an investment point of view, it’s actually a plus.


Wrap-Up: Merculet showcases some powerful strength being leveraged at an opportune moment for such a product launch. The success of such a product would be a big win for the blockchain community.


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