20 Reasons to Work With AAB's American Lawyers in Dubai

AAB takes pride in its diversity; our team comes from across the globe. This allows us to offer an unparalleled quality of legal services as we possess the cultural awareness to truly connect with our clients.  



AAB's American lawyers in Dubai offer services in many legal divisions. 



Our American lawyers in Dubai include American family law lawyers who serve as American divorce lawyers, American alimony lawyers, and American child support lawyers; they also provide other family law services. 



AAB's American lawyers in Dubai also include American criminal law lawyers, American corporate lawyers, American litigation lawyers, and American arbitration lawyers






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20 Reasons to Utilize Services from AAB's American Lawyers in Dubai


  1. Mastery of 2 Court Systems – American Lawyers in Dubai


A primary thing American lawyers in Dubai notice is the major difference between the jurisdiction of United States of America ( USA ) and UAE. The UAE is highly influenced by both the French and Roman systems and hence follows a civil law system as against common law system that has been predominant in United States of America ( USA ). Thus, American lawyers in Dubai have mastered two forms of legal systems. 



  1. Proven Grasp of UAE Law – American Lawyers in Dubai


American lawyers in Dubai must provide a testament to their experience in general law and knowledge of UAE jurisdiction & legal system to provide a service here. Thus, a American lawyer in Dubai has already passed rigorous barriers.



  1. Representation from a Local Lawyer – American Lawyers in Dubai


Not just American lawyers in Dubai–but all non-Emirati lawyers–are not allowed to represent a case in court. Thus, American lawyers in Dubai must be partnered with or employed by an Emirati lawyer. This means when you work with a American lawyer, you are also working with an Emirati lawyer.



  1. Multilingual – American Lawyers in Dubai


American lawyers in Dubai are fluent in Urdu, Hindi, and English, and some can speak other tongues. This is a benefit as these languages are spoken by a major portion of Dubai’s population. This allows American lawyers in Dubai to connect with a large portion of Dubai’s population. Moreover, to optimize and improve quality of services, many American lawyers have earned fluency in the local Arabic dialect.



  1. Seamless Connecting – American Lawyers in Dubai


Like the majority of UAE’s population, American lawyers are expats and so have a level of emotional intelligence and awareness to clearly understand the needs of clients.



  1. Difference in Case Judgement – American Lawyers in Dubai


Every case worked by a American lawyer in United States of America ( USA ) requires a depth of knowledge of the case history. In UAE, each case is merely looked upon to clarify the position of the law but not as binding precedents. This allows American lawyers to succeed at cases in UAE as they have prepared for tougher court processes. 



  1. Adjusted to Diversity – American Lawyers in Dubai


As United States of America ( USA ) has extremely diverse native ethnic presence, American lawyers in Dubai are adjusted, prepared, and taught to be able to work with various ethnicities. This is a major advantage for American lawyers in Dubai.



  1. International Benchmarks – American Lawyers in Dubai


UAE does not restrict the entry of foreign law firms. However, in United States of America ( USA ), strict benchmarks are established and foreign law firms must match those standards to enter the market. American lawyers in Dubai understand what international benchmarks must be met by a law firm to provide a high caliber service, which in turn enhances Dubai’s American lawyers’ personal growth in the legal field.



  1. Partnered Service – American Lawyers in Dubai


Outside the free zone areas, such as Dubai International Financial Centre, which have their own set of laws, American lawyers in Dubai must be partnered with an Emirati lawyer; this also holds for other foreign lawyers in Dubai. This means our American lawyers in Dubai who are partnered with an Emirati lawyer. 



  1. Historic Referencing – American Lawyers in Dubai


United States of America ( USA )' legal history dates to American colonial times and thus American lawyers in Dubai are able to use knowledge and legal skills based off a long timeline; this boosts their ability to offer advice when working on policy matters and development of laws here in the UAE.



  1. High Exposure to Criminal Law Cases – American Lawyers in Dubai


Crime in UAE is quite low and this offers lawyers here limited exposure to criminal law cases. However, criminal cases are a commonality in United States of America ( USA ) and American lawyers in Dubai have had plenty of exposure to criminal cases in United States of America ( USA ). This allows American lawyers in Dubai to have the experience necessary to deal with criminal law cases.



  1. United States of America ( USA ) Trade – American Lawyers in Dubai


As a heavy chunk of Dubai’s population is from United States of America ( USA ), a large portion of Dubai’s imports & exports are with United States of America ( USA ). American lawyers have first-hand experience with American trade laws and this allows them to have an advantage in corporate legal services in Dubai.



  1. Understanding of Sharia – American Lawyers in Dubai


The potential for legal developments and formulation of new laws and amendments in UAE is immensely high. Such a situation is highly advantageous to American lawyers in Dubai as many have lived alongside fellow countrymen who believe in the fundamentals of Sharia.



  1. Adjusted to Family Businesses – American Lawyers in Dubai


As is the case in Dubai, United States of America ( USA )' economy is heavily cored on family businesses. American lawyers have learned and worked on cases with a focus on corporate services for family businesses. This is a skill that pays off well for American lawyers in Dubai.



  1. High Ranks – American Lawyers in Dubai


Since the size of law firms in UAE is comparatively smaller, it is extremely beneficial for entry-level lawyers. As American lawyers in Dubai generally come here with experience earned in their countries, they are able to earn high positions. American lawyers in Dubai generally do not need to follow any strict corporate hierarchy system and so they have experience with varied and high-profile cases.



  1. Adjusted to SMEs – American Lawyers in Dubai


The major portion of the American economy is driven by SMEs. American lawyers in Dubai have deep-rooted understanding of the legal needs of SMEs and this gives American lawyers in Dubai a valuable tool in Dubai’s legal industry.



  1. Performance Incentives – American Lawyers in Dubai


American lawyers in Dubai make their main earnings through powerful bonuses issued on completion of successful cases. This ensures the client will get the utmost quality and dedication of service when working with American lawyers in Dubai. 



  1. Intellectual Property – American Lawyers in Dubai


Many large American firms have outsourced their solution generation to United States of America ( USA ) and so many of their intellectual property cases are handled in United States of America ( USA ). American lawyers in Dubai have first-hand cases with all sorts of legal needs regarding intellectual property.



  1. Estate Planning – American Lawyers in Dubai


As per culture, the distribution of wealth to the next generation is rather similar in United States of America ( USA ) and Dubai. American lawyers in Dubai have a depth of knowledge of the local customs for estate planning & legally binding wills as per principles and social norms understood since childhood. 



  1. Tax – American Lawyers in Dubai


While Dubai is only about to introduce VAT, American lawyers in Dubai have been adjusted to providing tax law services as it’s one of the most prominent needs in United States of America ( USA ). American lawyers in Dubai have the expertise to provide consultancy on the upcoming VAT release in Dubai.



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