Blood Money \ Diya Money

It is important for everyone to know about Sharia or the Islamic Law, as it is the law of this Islamic nation,irrespective of their nationality ,religion etc.

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

However, the legal system in Dubai is a set of Sharia, civil and criminal laws, whereas in the other emirates only Shari'a is enforced.

As per  the Sharia, if one causes the death or injury of another person accidentally or intentionally, he or she has to pay blood money or diya. The blood money is to be paid to the victim's family as compensation and the amount is given in accordance with Sharia.

The diya is also a punishment and a means of protecting the rights of the parents of the victim and is given automatically. The parents do not have to sue for the money. The compensation will be granted by a judge who is in charge of criminal proceedings and he will award the diya when pronouncing the sentence on the accused.

The blood money will only be payable if the person who caused the death of another person is found guilty under criminal procedure or legally responsible for committing a wrongful act, offence or crime.

According to Sharia, the life of a Muslim is evaluated for a larger amount of blood money than people of other religions, faiths or ethnic groups. But in the UAE the blood money is Dh200,000 for all males residing the country, whatever their religion or nationality.

In defence

The Sharia grants the family of a female, half the amount for a male, which is Dh 100,000. However, it is left to the judge who is in charge of the case to decide the amount of the blood money.

Blood money is not paid if a person kills another while trying to defend himself, his family, his property or other individuals and their property from harm.

According to UAE law, a person who is keeping an animal, whether he or she is the owners or not, must control that animal and will be legally responsible and have to pay blood money if that animal causes the death of another person.

Also the owner of a building or the manager in a company, factory or any person in charge will be legally responsible for the death of person or persons if the building collapses or of anyone in their charge dies due to negligence on their part.

If a person who owns equipment or machinery will be liable to charges and payment of diya if the equipment or the machinery causes the death of another person.

In case the crime was committed by more than one person, each person should pay blood money in accordance to their share of the crime. However, the court may order all persons found legally responsible to pay for the damages equally.

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