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How to deal with a car accident in Dubai? Things to be taken off!

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In Dubai, accidents are unfortunately very common. Even though the intensity, seriousness and the damages caused by the accidents do differ, when a collision occurs, it is a confusing and depressing affair. Hence, it is very important to know in advance about what has to be done in the event of an accident in Dubai. There are certain things you must do and there is a list of things you should not when an accident occurs. These are the following things you need to take care of during the event of a car accident in Dubai:


  1. Ensure safety right after the car accident in Dubai

It is absolutely important to ensure the safety of individuals in both the vehicles when an accident takes place. Before diverting your attention to the hitting aspect, it is inevitable to make sure that the passengers in both vehicles are fit and fine. In case of any injuries, please do not hesitate to contact the emergency number. But before examining further for fatal injuries, kindly make sure to stop at a place where you will not obstruct the traffic in any way. The place you decide to stop should be safe and it has to be done immediately. You have to remember to turn the hazards lights on before getting out of the car when a car accident in Dubai occurs. Ensure the safety of everybody in the vehicle and note down the license plate number of the other vehicle as soon as possible. It has to be handed out to the police when they arrive.

  1. Contact the relevant officials

The emergency contact number in Dubai is 999. You need to dial that number once you have successfully stopped your vehicle after a car accident in Dubai, at the safest spot nearby without obstructing the traffic. You need to speak to the officer who picks and intimate them about the accident. Also, please alert them about the medical needs in case any of the passengers have injuries.  At this point, you might have to give the location, your name and any vehicle information you possibly can. Before the arrival of the authorities, you can find the essential documents such as driving license, car registration document, passport or Emirates ID and keep them ready for inspection after the car accident in Dubai. You can also click a few pictures of the damages occurred to your car. But beware not to click the pictures of people in another car without permission. Especially, if there are ladies in the other car, you could get into trouble for not respecting privacy.

iii.    Obey the Instructions

It is very common that during situations like this, people become very temperamental and lose their cool. It is because of the tension and worry that followed by the accident. But it will only make the situation hard for yourself and the people you are surrounded with. Hence, please do not lose your temper or fight with others in that situation. At the same time, if you remain completely silent there are chances that the other party involved in the accident might consider you weak. In order to avoid that, take a deep breath and compose yourself to talk confidently and calmly about the situation with the authorities and the other concerned party. Similarly, when the authorities arrive, be patient with them. Let them observe and make initial inferences. Do not shout at them or take out your frustration on others in front of them. They will ask questions to both the parties. When your turn comes you can speak coherently and calmly. It will help them understand the situation better than when you shout or appoint blames. Once the initial assessment is made, you will receive a report in Arabic according to the common procedure practiced after a car accident in Dubai.  The report issued will be in different colors according to the assessment. You will receive a pink form if the accident is your fault, a green form will be issued to the innocent driver and a white form will be issued when neither party is accused, or if the accused is unknown in the event of a car accident in Dubai. 


  1. Contacting the Insurer after the car accident in Dubai

Once the report is issued, it is time to deal with the damages due to the accident. Now, you need to contact the insurance company or the rental company and intimate them about the accident. You can tell them about the current status and also about the police report in hand. They might ask a few questions about the report.

In the case of rental cars, your location will be noted so as to pick up the car from the said location. Now depending upon the report the companies whether the insurance provider or the car rental company will advise you about how to proceed further. It depends mostly on the intensity of the damage occurred in the car. If there are only simple issues such dented panel, loss of paint or mirror, it should be okay to drive away from the scene. But do check for advice before you do it after a car accident in Dubai. But if there are intricate damages, you will have no permission to drive away as you wish. Your insurance provider will send recovery trucks to remove the car from the sight. But before just waiting for the recovery truck, do check with your insurance provider that if you have signed up for the recovery options as part of the claim.  Some insurers do not provide that service and if yours do not, you should not end up waiting there for a service which is not coming. It might add extra frustration to the preexisting accident tension.


Now that you have dealt with the situation calmly, and you have learned how to leave the accident premise without much exhaustion, you can think about the further procedures to claim the insurance. Not sure about how to claim car accident insurance? Please, do not forget to check our next article on …. It will definitely help you to understand the procedures better.




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