How to find a best Commercial Lawyer in Dubai, Sharjah and other parts of the UAE ?

Looking for the Best Commercial Lawyer in Dubai? Things You Should Know!

 Commercial Lawyer in Dubai

Why do I need a commercial lawyer in Dubai for my business?

If you are a business owner, regardless of the size of your business, it is absolutely important to have a commercial lawyer in Dubai at your service. Sometimes, people do carry out business operations without legal assistance. This, however, is not recommended highly especially if you are an expat setting up a business in Dubai. The rules and regulations for citizens and expats vary significantly in Dubai when it comes to commencing and conducting businesses. The differences start predominantly right from the incorporation of the business. Examining the zoning compliance, dealing the copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights and adhering to the international and national standards, formal incorporation of the business following the legal description of the government etc. in the beginning is as important as dealing with cases and liabilities later, if not more important and rightly so. Hence it is always advised to have expert legal assistance right from the beginning to avoid more dilemmas in the future. Hence you will require an expert Commercial lawyer in Dubai if you own a commercial venture.


And when it comes to lawsuits, claims, and liabilities, please remember that prevention or early action is always better than delay. But, if you are a business operating in isolation when it comes to legal associations, and if you do not have proper contacts or assistance, in case of an unexpected legal emergency, there will be enormous chaos and delays from your side. It shows that you're less prepared or completely unprepared to deal with legal intricacies and might become quite expensive later. Hence, even if you're a small business firm not having complicated business process or operations, do not hesitate to map what could go wrong legally in advance from your side.  Also, identifying a few Commercial lawyers in Dubai who fit your budget and understand your business beforehand will helpful while managing your business. It is also recommended to keep in touch with them periodically so that if a lawsuit hits, you wouldn't be completely unprepared. You will know whom to contact and how to deal with the issue quickly. However, if you run a big corporation, having the best Commercial lawyer in Dubai at your service will be highly beneficial for the Goodwill of your firm so that the name wouldn't be unnecessary dragged into the mud.


What skills do I look for while hiring the right commercial lawyer in Dubai?

When it comes to commercial lawyer in Dubai, you need to hire people with certain skill sets and who have expertise in some of the following areas: 


  1. Business incorporation: Not every lawyer may have expertise in this field. There are different kinds of business organizations such as sole proprietorship, partnerships, limited liability companies, and big corporations. You will need to find a Commercial lawyer in Dubai who has experience in dealing with the kind of business you are starting. Besides, the legal assistance and advises, this person should also be capable of dealing with the paperwork that comes with it. It is important to note, however, that the rules in Dubai for setting up business for foreigners and citizens might be different. You need to make sure that your attorney is experienced in handling both.


  1. Handling contracts: A contract is a legal bond between two parties. The clauses listed in a contract will be agreed by all the parties and it will be signed and sealed by the concerned parties. There must be penalties for breaking the clauses. It is no astonishment in the business world or in the legal world. Contracts keep everything in order. When you're looking to hire a Commercial lawyer in Dubai, you need to make sure that he understands and learns the contracts quickly. He should be through with it and also should be able to find the loopholes within the shortest period of time, besides preparing standard contracts for other stakeholders involved in your business.


  1. Dealing with the real estate: the Commercial lawyer in Dubai you're hiring should be proficient in dealing with real estates. Dubai, being one of the smallest metropolis in the world in terms of limited area, land and commercial spaces in Dubai are significantly expensive. One must know to perfectly estimate the value of the land and buildings, should have brilliant negotiation skills to get it at the rates which are beneficial to you and thus should be able to add value to your service.


  1. Intellectual property rights: Even though in the Eastern part of the part, intellectual property rights are not strictly followed as much as in the West, in the internet era it is not hard to find the copyright or trademark infringements. The world is starting to look at this more seriously than ever these days as more people are coming up with more ideas and implement them into businesses. Especially, if you're involved in creative businesses such as print or digital media, advertising, publishing, art, technology, etc. patents and trademarks are highly relevant to you. Your creativity could decide the future of your business and you do not want it to be copied by others and pushing you behind. Hence while hiring a Commercial lawyer in Dubai, please make sure to hire an attorney who has special expertise in dealing with intellectual property rights. He should be able to also help you with the paperwork involved along with filing for patents internationally.



  1. Taxes: Yes, you're right. It is an accountant's job to file taxes and claim returns. But, not necessarily only his job. There are multiple businesses struggling with tax issues. Knowingly or unknowingly, the omissions while filing taxes can bring you high penalties and legal obligations. Hence, do hire a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with tax laws in Dubai.



  1. License: Applying for licenses, receiving and renewing them is not child's play in Dubai. That is serious business. In order to commence your business, it is most significant to have a license which lets you operate in Dubai. Also, periodical renewal is important. Any delay in renewal can bring you troubles such as huge fines or even temporary shutdown of the business. Hire a Commercial lawyer in Dubai who has knowledge and practice in filing for and renewing licenses.


Hiring the best commercial lawyer in Dubai can be difficult if you do not know what makes a lawyer the best and how to select them. By reading the above list, you might have gotten a grasp on the subject.  Still confused? Do not hesitate to call AAB’s best lawyers in Dubai to clarify your doubts and dilemmas!

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