What are the categories of prohibited cyber content in Dubai? Part II

What are the categories of prohibited cyber content in Dubai?  Part II

Are you a person spending so much time on the internet? Do you like posting things on the web or on social media? Or does your job involve posting and publishing on the internet? Beware, you must be violating some of the strict rules. Well, there is a chance that you are unintentionally or even unknowingly posting about things which you should not be, according to the rules in Dubai. In this case, unawareness can lead you to big troubles. To avoid it, be sure to read and educate yourself about the prohibited cyber content categories in the UAE. Have you gone through the part I of the prohibited cyber content in Dubai published by AAB earlier? If you have not, please go through it for better comprehension.


Prohibited Trade Items

Dubai has a very strict protocol about trade items. There are strict controls over the online platforms promoting or dealing with the items or commodities prohibited in the UAE. While conducting trade in the UAE, you have to follow strict regulations, protocols or rules.  The list of the items which are prohibited in the UAE from promoting online primarily includes gambling tools, machines, chemical, and radioactive material, tobacco and liquor. Also, relics and artistic masterpieces without authorization are prohibited. The universities, educational institutes, and nurseries are not supposed to encourage the sale of any trade items.  Also, objects such as satellite receivers, which transmit encrypted satellite channels illegally or related services, counterfeit and fake goods, wireless and wired communication devices unauthorized are also prohibited from being sold online. When it comes to biodiversity, endangered species of animals, birds, and plants or their members according to international treaties such as raw ivory, rhino horn, bustards and falcons unless licensed by the competent entities are not allowed to sell online.  Besides, prints, paintings, photographs, drawings, cards, books, magazines, and stone sculptures, which are contrary to the Islamic religion or public morals should not be promoted on the internet.   It is also prohibited from involving in communication online with the intent of corruption or sedition.  Counterfeit of money, Hazardous waste, real estate unauthorized, radar detection devices, firearms, ammunition, and explosives, other commodities that are prohibited or restricted as decided by the competent entities from time to time by the UAE law should also not be traded or publicized online in the UAE.



Web content relating to terrorist groups or any illegal group, association, organization or body or any content that facilitates communication with their leaders or members or to attract members or promote and favor their ideas or assist in financing their activities or contribute to assisting them actually or any content that publishes methods of making fire or explosive devices or any other tools used in terrorist acts is prohibited.

Also, the content that incites, encourages or enables the commission of a crime against the UAE or one of its citizens or employees or its interests or public funds or public facilities abroad, including embassies, consulates, missions, or affiliate offices is prohibited. Besides, the content which encourages or enables the commission of a crime for the purpose of influencing the UAE or getting it or one of its officials to do or abstain from doing something is restricted. Internet content that incites, encourages or enables the commission of crime onboard a means of transportation registered with the UAE or carrying its flag is illegal. Any internet content that incites, encourages or enables the commission of a provocative act of crime in the territory of the UAE or abroad is strictly against the law. Any act that would or intend to threaten the stability of the UAE or its safety, unity or security, or oppose the basic principles underlying the regime, or intend to overthrow or take over the regime, or invalidate some of the provisions of the Constitution unlawfully, or prevent one of the establishments of the UAE, or one of the public authorities from exercising their work, or harming national unity or social peace is also prohibited  cyber content in Dubai.


Illegal Activities

Any content that promotes or calls for the collection of donations without an authorized license is against the laws in UAE. Promoting investment portfolios or funds and trading of stocks, currencies, and metals without obtaining a license from the competent entities according to prevailing laws is illegal. Also, organizations (such as clubs, non-profit organizations, groups, corporations, and bodies) banned in the UAE are not to be promoted on the web.


Blocked content

Any content that allows or helps users to have access to prohibited content including the proxy servers and Virtual Private Networks Services (VPNs) that mainly allow access to the prohibited content on the internet.


Internet content that includes materials of insult, slander, and defamation.

Any content that includes, promoted or spreads insult, slander, and defamation of individuals thus hurting their personal feelings and public image is strictly restricted in the UAE.


Content which supports criminal activities

Any internet content that provokes, calls for, promotes or provides information about how to carry out acts of crime or felony or contributes to or facilitates carrying out or supporting the same such as theft, fraud, robbery, forgery, faking, bribery, killing, suicide, blackmail, threat, rape, commercial cheating and breaching the properties of others, abduction, evasion from application of law, money laundry, smuggling prohibited content and other crimes punishable by the law.




Internet content that promotes or contributes to trading with drugs and mind-affecting substances and the manner of using or manufacturing the same or obtaining drugs or facilitating their circulation in circumstances that are not legally authorized.



Online gambling is restricted in Dubai. This category includes internet content that promotes gambling and similar activities such as bets and lottery and those related to electronic gambling activities. Any such things constitute the prohibited cyber content list in Dubai.


Illegal communication

According to the rules of Dubai, any internet content category that promotes or allows access to illegal communication services or tools and the usage of them are completely prohibited in Dubai. It belongs to the list of prohibited cyber content in Dubai.


The prohibited cyber content in Dubai also includes the category of top domains on the internet which is accessible and popular everywhere else in the world but violates the moral codes and principles practiced in Dubai. Hence such domains and the content displayed in them will be prohibited due to the conflicts of interest.

Malicious Programs

Any content that promotes or supports or contributes to establishing, publishing, distribution and development of malicious programs and viruses, hacking and piracy programs and the sites that provoke, promote or publish information about how to hack networks, information technology devices or communications or having access to the same without right or to disrupt them in addition to the sites that provide supporting services for the above is prohibited. Any content that supports or provokes attacking information technology or communications networks for the purpose of disrupting the same is against the law and it makes the list of prohibited cyber content in Dubai. The web content and networks that are infected with viruses or malicious programs or from which viruses, malicious programs or intentional attacks are released in order to disrupt another service or network, and sites and systems of command and control of networks infected with viruses. Any content that downloads malicious code that gathers personal information of the users or make it possible to manipulate their devices without their knowledge is also prohibited under the cyber law of UAEcyber.



Have you gone through the list of prohibited contents in Dubai described in both the articles? Well, now you know what kind of content cannot be put out in the open for public on the internet. Do you more questions on the same topic? Contact our experts to clarify your queries. Call 05432 73073


Reference: Gulf News

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