What are the categories of prohibited cyber content in UAE? Part I

What are the categories of prohibited cyber content in UAE?  Part I

Cyber-crimes are increasing day by day all around the world. There is no efficient method identified or implemented so far to eradicate it. People need to be really cautious about cybercrimes. The government of UAE is very conscious about the internet activities and cybercrimes. There are certain regulations adopted and practiced in the UAE to prevent cybercrimes to a certain extent. Regulating the content on the internet is one of the ways of doing it. The UAE government has prohibited some categories of content in order to regulate and monitor the cyber world so as to reduce crimes. Here is the list of banned cyber content in UAE.



Body exposing images and videos


This category mainly includes the types of content which feature the human body and nudity such as pornography. Anything which includes or encourages child pornography is strictly prohibited in Dubai. Video content and images featuring such context are included in the list of prohibited cyber content in Dubai.



Content related to inappropriate relationships


Homosexual content is considered illegal in the UAE. People are prevented from motivating, supporting and publishing not only images or videos supporting homosexuality, but also from delivering opinions which might positively reinforce the same are considered illegal and hence categorized as prohibited cyber content in Dubai. One must not post anything that encourages it on the public platforms. Besides the content which promotes adultery, vice, prostitution, unethical relationships etc. are also prohibited in Dubai. The content which enhances the trade of sex toys, stories, games, movies, photos, videos, drawings, etc. on the internet is also considered as prohibited cyber content in Dubai.





Privacy invasion


Any content including texts, videos, images or audios which reveals the private life of an individual without consent, is considered a serious offense and it is prohibited in Dubai. Nobody is allowed to post about others which would unravel the medical records, medical history or test reports of an individual. In Dubai, one must not publish the personal information including address or contact details of another person on the internet. It is also prohibited to reveal information about public companies on the internet which might adversely affect them. Also, new technologies which would help to conduct phone tapping, robberies, tracking movements, and other private information etc. belong to the list of prohibited cyber content in Dubai.


Content related to government bodies and administration

In Dubai, you're not allowed to publish matters related to the government and institutions of the government without authorization. Anything you post on the internet which creates confusion or abuse of the government, as well as anything that affects the reputation and name of UAE, is strictly prohibited cyber content in Dubai.  The rulers of UAE including the president, crowned price, other rulers and people in power have to be treated with respect on the internet. Any content which questions the motives of the rulers or inflicting blame on them is considered as prohibited cyber content in Dubai. Also, the national anthem and national flag of UAE has to be treated with respect if at all you mention them in the cyber world. They are not allowed to be joked or ridiculed about on the internet. Besides, any content that deflates the value of national currency or gives out information about the economic conditions of the UAE is prohibited from getting published on the internet in Dubai. Any content that would challenge the administration and ruling regime in UAE should be avoided. Any kinds of processions or walkouts or gatherings without prior approval and planning them over the internet constitute a cyber-crime and that is prohibited cyber content in Dubai. Any content that would reveal the plans of the government in relation to the public policies, confidential matters or military affairs is prohibited as well.



Content related to medical practices on the internet


There are always certain sets of rules governed by every administration around the world when it comes to medical practices and pharmaceuticals. Practicing medicine without proper authorization and certification, and buying and selling drugs commercially could harm the health of people. In Dubai, internet content which promotes the sale of pharmaceuticals without prescriptions and requesting for medicines without the authorization of a licensed practitioner on the internet are strictly prohibited. Health advertisements on the internet violating the cabinet rules are also prohibited in Dubai. Any content on the internet which promotes the sale of unlicensed medicinal or health products such as weight maintenance products, cosmetic products, and pills, dietary supplements etc. are restricted. The advertisements for medical professionals and establishments which violate any of the related laws are also prohibited. If you are in the pharmaceutical business, please make sure not to include any content which is included in the list of prohibited cyber content in Dubai.


Cyber content in Dubai which exhibits discrimination and racism


Any content which violates the basic moral principles and spreads hate and racism causing a divide in the nation is prohibited in Dubai. Besides, content that encourages discrimination based on religion, nationality, caste, creed, race, and gender is strictly restricted.


Religious content


Content published on the internet which violates the principles of any religion and offending the followers of that religion by defaming, ridiculing or violating the Divine books, practices, rituals, sanctities etc. are prohibited strictly in Dubai.

UAE being an Islamic nation, any content that on the web which promotes leaving Islam or inciting conversion to other religions or atheism are supremely restricted. Besides all kinds of content related to magic, witchcraft, and sorcery which is against Islam is also prohibited.


Cyber Content in Dubai related to Intellectual property rights

Websites and online portals which helps to infringe the rights of intellectual property by providing information, tools, and methods are prohibited in the UAE. Also, any content which provides and publish movies, books,  games, photos, radio channels, drawings, books, electronic programs, encrypted TV etc. without proper approval or authorization is prevented. It also includes decoding movies and coded TV channels. The use of copied magnetic diskettes copied electronic programs, games and deactivation of protection systems against piracy are also prohibited in Dubai



Impersonation and Fraud


Any content on the internet which impersonates others is restricted. Dark magic, witchcraft, voodoo etc. being marketed on the internet, or any content promoting the same on the web is strictly prevented. Content generated for deception, theft, and fraud is also prohibited. These days, credit card and internet banking frauds occur abundantly. Any content that promotes or gives away personal information such as access codes or secret combinations is also prohibited in Dubai.


This is the basic list of banned cyber content in the UAE. 

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