What constitutes a cyber-crime in Dubai?


What constitutes a cyber-crime in Dubai?

 What is a cyber-crime?

In the broader sense, cyber-crimes are the activities performed with the intention to harm others using technology and networks. These activities can be performed by an individual or a group of individuals which involve the malicious usage of technology. As a result, the person or firms who are victims of such propaganda may suffer from financial losses, defamation, mental or even physical harm. Cyber-crimes are becoming more common these days in Dubai with the advancement of technology. Everyone has access to a mobile device and internet connection now. While it enhances the user engagement and opens up a completely different world of infinite possibilities, the threats are increasing exponentially as well. This is highly alarming. The intensity of this category of crimes can be understood while looking at the figures. In an international study conducted by McAfee, a total loss of 600 billion dollars was estimated from cyber-crimes alone in 2018.

Cyber-crimes in the UAE

Even though cyber-crimes are becoming severe now and all countries around the world are facing the challenges, there is no standard procedure to face or eradicate them. Since the virtual world operates beyond boundaries, it is essentially chaotic to determine how to control the activities in each country.

However, UAE government has taken certain steps to keep cyber-crimes in control. But are you confused about what kinds of activities on the internet makes it a crime in the UAE? 


  1. Data gathering and publishing without consent or approval in UAE


Today, the world is governed by data. There is data abundance and data explosion. However, consent or approval is essential when it comes to transferring or the publishing of data. It is a commonly seen occurrence these days that with data explosion people have forgotten the boundaries. In Dubai, according to the laws, it is highly important to obtain the permission of the owner before publishing the information on to a public platform. It could be anything from text content, images, and videos. If you post something without the consent or prior approval of the owner, it is strictly illegal according to the cyber-crime law of UAE as you're violating the copyrights.


  1. Revealing the official government information without permission

When it comes to the cyber-crimes in Dubai, this is the most serious offense. The government information of UAE is highly confidential. It includes information from different bodies of government such as ministries, RTA, DTCM, Defense etc. No individuals at any point are allowed to jeopardize the confidentiality of the government bodies and reveal or publish information of kind on the internet. You can do so if you're a government employee and you're officially authorized to do. As long as you are not, it is against the cyber laws in UAE.



  1. Conducting malicious activities on other people's websites or pages

With the internet, the growth of social media and the wide adoption of digital marketing, the ethical boundaries on the web is really blurred. Now there is competition for ranking the websites or social media platforms on the internet. Sometimes, when small scale firms cannot promote the websites on to SERP page of search engines, they do unethical activities such as unauthorized postings, placing malicious comments and thus spamming other sites. This is highly concerning. The cyber laws in UAE strictly prohibit any such activities under any circumstances.


  1. Hacking into other sites and disabling the use

Hackers or unauthorized individuals can access your websites, 9nline portals or social media accounts. There are multiple reasons why people do it. However, sometimes people do not conduct any harmful activism such as vicious commenting or stealing money but rather they will just disable your website. If yours is a normal information website, it might not affect adversely even though there will some temporary problems. But if yours is an e-commerce website with high traffic, this silly activity can be highly concerning as it would prevent the e-commerce transactions.



  1. Preventing communication between other people over the web

According to the Cyber laws in UAE, preventing communication between people by creating any kinds of hindrances is considered as a cyber-offense. This covers calls, messages, and emails over the internet. Dubai cyber law ensures privacy and protection to individuals for carrying out personal and business communications. Third parties are not allowed to prevent the flow of communication.


  1. Tapping calls or fixing bugs on other devices


Just like preventing the communication, it is also against the law to interfere or penetrate into other people’s conversations. Now there are multiple cheap solutions easily available to do this. People seem to tap phone calls or fix certain kinds bugs which are scripts in any computer language to overhear conversations over the wired as well as wireless networks. This is against the cyber laws in UAE and is a punishable offense.



  1. Conspiracy using the internet and related technologies

According to the cyber laws in UAE, it is also illegal to involve in cyber conspiracies to commit crimes or to conceal them. You are not allowed to plan anything which is criminal in nature with the help of technology and the internet. It also comes under cyber-crime.




  1. Destroying electronic devices and disabling channels of communication

If someone destroys the electronic devices of someone else with malicious intent, it constitutes a cyber-crime. Disabling communication channels thereby preventing people from transferring data over voice or text media is also against the cyber laws in Dubai.



  1. Suspending emails

Suspending email accounts of other people is not acceptable in any way in Dubai. The cyber laws in Dubai, strongly prevent it.


  1. Unauthorized password retrieval

If you have the access information for a website or social media channels even if it is not yours, and you are authorized to use it, that is not illegal. However, if you obtain passwords with knowledge or consent it is again cyber laws in Dubai.


These are the major conditions under the cyber laws in Dubai. It ensures trust and protection to use the internet and modern technology without fear in the UAE. Those who violate these regulations will have to face serious consequences. If you have been a victim of cyber-crime, please contact our lawyer at 05432 73073 for a free legal advice.

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