Where do I find commercial lawyers in Dubai?

Where do I find commercial lawyers in Dubai?

 Commercial Lawyer in Dubai

Are you looking for a commercial lawyer in Dubai? Finding any lawyer cannot be hard. But finding the right lawyer is never easy. Choosing a bad attorney could be the most expensive mistake any firm can make. Besides the regular bills, losing a lawsuit or rejections in certain claims can have long term impacts on your firm. Not only money loss, but also you will suffer from defamation at that point which will affect the Goodwill of your firm. Hence finding the best commercial lawyer in Dubai for your business is highly inevitable.


Identifying and hiring the right lawyer is one of the most important decisions you need to make while setting up a business or even while running one. Remember, it is the protection you are offering to your company. But not everyone gets it right in the beginning itself. As mentioned earlier, hiring a right lawyer in Dubai can be difficult. You need an expert in the business who also shares the same values and interests as you do. It doesn't coincidentally align most of the times and even giant corporations hire and fire legal firms and attorneys periodically.  Hence do your research and make sure that you find the perfect commercial lawyer in Dubai for your firm. Are you not sure about where to start looking or how to start searching in order to find the best attorney in Dubai? Here are a few suggestions for you.


  1. Bar associations in Dubai: Bar associations are the most reliable sources for collecting necessary information about attorneys in Dubai. They will have the lists of attorneys specializing in particular fields. By reaching out to them you can have a good start. They will offer you the best suggestions possible. If you personally do not want to visit, you can go the websites and collect information. You can go to the International Bar Associations and select UAE. Also, you will find other relevant sources online which guide you to the bar association in Dubai.


  1. Word of Mouth: Like anything else in the human world, asking around and finding out the best possible options for a commercial lawyer is not a bad idea. If you have friends or family members who own or run businesses, they will have several contacts for finding the best Commercial Lawyers in Dubai. Some might even have close associations with legal firms or independent practitioners who are suitable for your business. When it comes to close circles, they know you and your business idea better than an outsider. They will have a perception as to what kind of a legal firm will serve you and your business better. Also, if you have friends, who are practicing law, even if their area of expertise is in different subject matters, they will know good commercial lawyers in Dubai. In case they don't, they will definitely ask around for you to find the best options available. Besides, friends and family, you can also seek help from other stakeholders of your business. Your partners, associates, suppliers etc. might know someone who could be the best. Also, feel free to ask around to other business owners who are dealing with businesses just like yours. Sometimes, even if the business structure differs, there will be other contacts they might be able to offer. But be sure not to hire a lawyer who is also dealing with your competitors as it would create a conflict of interests.


  1. Trade Events: There are different kinds of trade events and expos where you will come across commercial lawyers in Dubai. It will be a random meeting, but actually not so random at all. They visit such places to meet potential clients and to intimate their presence. Just like you, they might receive several other connections as well. All it takes is a casual meeting and exchange of cards. Hence, if you have plans for opening a business or hiring a new commercial lawyer in Dubai, keep your eyes open at the trade expos. Do not shy away from meeting with people and exchanging business cards. If you connect with somebody well, save the contact immediately to the phone before losing cards. However, do not hire someone without a proper background check even if he seems trustworthy, reliable and you connect well. Always avoid making quick decisions and hiring people on the spot. Do elaborate research and if the lawyer still checks out the criteria, do not hesitate to hire him.



  1. Search on the Internet: we can no longer ignore the virtual world while making our decisions. There are so many internet platforms where you will find information about commercial lawyers in Dubai. There are online directories and websites. There are review platforms as well where clients rate and comment about the services offered by the law firm and the lawyers. Well, do not make harsh decisions about the attorneys if you find one or two negative comments because sometimes even the competitors can post them. But if you see a series of comments pointing out a certain issue, analyze the pattern before making a decision. Besides directories and common platforms, there are individual websites of commercial lawyers in Dubai as well. If you visit those, you will get to see the listings of credentials, achievements, portfolio, testimonials etc. which will help you evaluate your options and to rate them.


  1. Talk to a lawyer: Nowadays, it is not hard to get in touch with commercial lawyers in Dubai. You will have contact information on the internet directories or websites. If you feel like, somebody matches your interests, the portfolio is appealing and testimonials are good, please do not hesitate to call them. Through calls even if you cannot make a decision, you will definitely be informed well about the ways of a person. You can assess the knowledge and mannerisms of a person to at least some extent if you have a well-informed conversation.


  1. Plan Consultations: Nothing is better than a face to face open conversation. There are so many benefits to it. Easy judgment is one of them. If you have done thorough research and you have liked a few candidates you can shortlist them. After having a telephonic conversation, if you feel the worth of the candidate, you can meet them directly. Be prepared when you approach a Commercial Lawyer in Dubai. In order to make the meeting productive, there is no issue in being prepared. You can have a list of questions to ask them and if all of them were answered well, you can make an informed decision.


Hiring the right lawyer can be challenging. Sometimes you will not even know where to start searching. Do not be alarmed. AAB is here to help you. Give a call on 05432 73073 to get in touch with the best commercial lawyers in Dubai and worry no more!

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