About Us

AAB's lawyers in Dubai have a deep-rooted grasp of both local and international laws. Additionally, our lawyers in Dubai are well-versed in even the finest details of each free-zone Dubai location, including the courts of Dubai International Financial Centre. 

The best lawyers in Dubai need to know more than just the laws. In Dubai, law and social norms and morals go hand-in-hand. 

Dubai and other Emirates (UAE) act heavily upon local norms and culture. It is imperative for the best lawyers in Dubai to understand which Dubai laws will be scrutinized, which Dubai laws need to be looked in conjunction with other factors, and which Dubai laws aren't strictly imposed; to understand which of these categories does your need legal need fit in demands a deep understanding of local norms.
This challenge is worsened as Dubai is home to over 170 nationalities and it's important for the best lawyers in Dubai to understand the local norms as-well.

AAB hosts a team of the best lawyers in Dubai who come from across the globe and have a clear understanding of the social norms of almost every culture residing in Dubai. Our multinational team of the best lawyers in Dubai works with our team of the best Emirati lawyers in Dubai, who are immersed in the understanding of Emirati culture and norms. 

This unison of joined forces of the best multinational lawyers in Dubai and the best Emirati lawyers in Dubai builds a powerful, efficient, and successful law firm in Dubai ready to support your continued prosperity. 

AAB's team of the best lawyers in Dubai has years of experience winning an unparalleled number of cases and consulting on myriad corporate legal issues for small, medium, and large companies in Dubai. 

Our track record isn't the only thing that defines our lawyers as the best lawyers in Dubai. We go beyond numbers. AAB's team can cooperate with the needs of almost every nationality in Dubai. Our team of the best lawyers in Dubai is heavily multilingual and understands the details in service and interaction expected by the multitude of ethnicities living in Dubai. 

To ensure our lawyers remain the best lawyers in Dubai, our company's departments interact with each other. Therefore, your case will be handled by the best lawyers in Dubai, each having a different specialty. This internal synergy among the best lawyers in Dubai allows us to maintain a record-high court win-rate, an unparalleled rate of legal consultation fulfillment, and, our pride, a nearly 100% client satisfaction rate.

To maintain the best client interactions in Dubai, our team of best lawyers in Dubai takes several measures to evaluate customer satisfaction throughout the case. As the best lawyers in Dubai, our team aims for not just client success, but also convenience. 

Work with the best lawyers in Dubai; enjoy success and convenience. Get started with a free legal consultation with a member of our team of the best lawyers in Dubai. We are confident that your experience during the free legal consultation will be valuable for you, as you will gain valuable information, and will be a testament to our ability to provide the best legal services in Dubai. 

To book a free consultation with a Criminal lawyer in Dubai, call us on +971543273073