Employee Lawyers in Dubai & Other Emirates (UAE)

Employee Lawyers in Dubai; Employee Lawyers in Abu Dhabi; Dubai Employee Lawyers

Employee Lawyers in Dubai & Other Emirates (UAE) | AAB Law Firm

As a UAE law firm dedicated to uplifting the continued success of individuals, families, and SMEs, AAB law firm excels at all services relevant to employee law, as this is one of the most prominent needs of our clientele. 

Our team is comprised of multinational employee lawyers, employee legal consultants, and employee attorneys. 

AAB's Dubai employee lawyers have global roots and this allows our team of Dubai employee lawyers to have an unparalleled advantage in social awareness and emotional intelligence. Our Dubai employee lawyers can connect with the dilemmas of employees in Dubai who have been wronged. Our Dubai employee lawyers also speak many languages and so can assist you in your mother tongue.

Employee Lawyers in Dubai; Employee Lawyers in Abu Dhabi; Dubai Employee Lawyers


We specialize in but are not limited to the following Dubai and Other Emirates' (UAE) Employee Law Services:

  • Policies, Procedures, & Contractual Agreements: AAB's employee lawyers cover service agreements, employment contracts, and employee handbooks.
  • Business Reorganization: AAB's employee lawyers bring professional legal handling to alterations of employment terms & conditions and transfer of employment.
  • Employee/Employer Relations Issues: If an employee has been wronged, our team of employee lawyers will devote all efforts to establish justice
  • Litigation: Our employee lawyers will pursue litigation before relevant authorities and courts; covering issues regarding termination or bonus claims and protection of intellectual property and/or trade secrets.

AAB's employee lawyers specialize in both defense and prosecution in cases regarding employee law in the UAE.

Our employee lawyers utilize years of experience, specific to the field (in Dubai), to easily fulfill your needs. We have successfully represented clients across the United Arab Emirates in various cases regarding employee issues and disputes. Our team is ready to bring you convenience and relief as we bring experienced and professional handling to your cases.

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